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Parents' Corner » 2017 Science Fair Winners!

2017 Science Fair Winners!

Every year Mr. Yurman-Glaser and I are more and more impressed by the quality and independent work we see. There were some fascinating experiments and studies conducted this year as well! The results of the hard work and meticulous care to the Scientific Method were astounding. Kudos for the effort and outcomes of the students. We are so proud of all our students, and we want to highlight our truly impressive winning projects.

8th Grade:
1st Place - Nicholas
2nd Place - Robert
3rd Place - Trinity

7th Grade: 
1st Place - Maddie
2nd Place - Haley
2nd Place - Elena
3rd Place - Anya
3rd Place - Gurleen
3rd Place - Marynna

6th Grade:
1st Place - Ileana
2nd Place - Bridgette
3rd Place - Dasha

5th Grade:
1st Place - Kai
2nd Place - Sunai
3rd Place - Skylar
3rd Place - Andrew
Honorable Mention - Violet

4th Grade:
1st Place - Ian
1st Place - Aidyn
2nd Place - Paulina
3rd Place - Reid
Honorable Mention - Christian

3rd Grade: 
1st Place - Kyle
2nd Place - Tillie
3rd Place - Shivum
3rd Place - Kiana

More photos to come! 
7th - 3rd place girls_ 2.jpg
Ileana 2.jpg
Kiana 3.jpg
maddie 2.jpg