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Parents' Corner » May Honorees

May Honorees

Congratulations to all our honorees for the month of May! We are so pleased to recognize their efforts and achievement in these areas:

Leader of the MonthKai (Fifth Grade)

Class of the MonthFifth Grade

After School Class of the MonthSecond Grade

Virtue of the Month Winners (Perseverance)
The following students are being recognized for their ability to persevere through hard times! When the going gets tough, these kids keep going. They know that great things come from hard work. It is this ability to persevere, this grit, which serves as a strong indicator of future success. This trait is something we hope to develop in all our students so that they may have the tools to keep trying, failing, learning, trying, and succeeding. For that cycle is what growth and greatness is all about. Well done, students! Keep it up! We studied a quote from Samuel Johnson. "Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance." All students are chosen by their teachers and approved by the principal.

PK - Andrew
Kinder - Hana, Alex, Aidan, & Jacob
First - Leora & Sean
Second - Maggie & Max
Third - Tillie, Anton, Melina, & Kiana
Fourth - Sophie
Fifth - Andrew
Sixth - Bridgette
Seventh - Maddie
Eighth - Nicholas