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School Policies » Locker Policy

Locker Policy

Hilldale School
Locker Policy
Middle School 

In order to borrow a locker space on the upper school campus, students must abide by the following rules:

a. I understand that I should go to my locker only during designated times, such as before school, during recess time, and at lunch, or with permission from a teacher. I should bring all necessary materials to class with me because I will not be excused from class to go to my locker.

b. I understand that I should not go into anyone else’s locker. I understand that if I break this code, I will be placed on locker probation and will risk losing locker privileges.

c. I understand that the school encourages me to keep my locker locked at all times. If I choose to keep my locker unlocked for the entire year, I should personally turn in my lock to the office. All items that I place in my locker are my responsibility.

d. My locker must remain neat. I will keep my lunch in my locker. I will be responsible for any food spillage or water damage to the locker and/or any textbooks and school supplies therein.

e. Each morning I will empty the entire contents of my backpack into my locker and hang up my backpack.

f. I will store my jacket in my locker or on designated coat hooks, not in the classroom. If backpacks are left in the hallway, students will receive a discipline notice, and backpacks may be confiscated.

g. School policy forbids personal items, such as toys and electronic devices. However, pictures and small personal decorations that stay in the locker temporarily are permissible. There should be no permanent decorations, however, such as stickers or writing on the lockers.

h. Lockers will be inspected (unannounced) by a teacher or staff member at random intervals. Recess will be contingent upon the cleanliness of the lockers and desks. If need be, I agree to clean my locker and desk during recess.

i. Even though there are times for locker checks, I understand that I may be asked to show a teacher the contents of my locker at any time. I agree to open my locker when asked.

j. I understand that I am responsible for repairing any damage to my locker. If there is damage, my privilege of having a locker will be revoked until the damage is repaired or compensated.

k. I recognize that the locker area is tight, and I will be mindful of other students’ personal space. Standard respectful treatment is a must!

l. I understand that if I do not follow these guidelines, my privilege of using a locker will be revoked.