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Mrs. Hergert teaches Fourth Grade at Hilldale. She has a BA in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Social Science and a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Sonoma State University. Mrs. Hergert (formerly Ms. Woolley) taught Fifth Grade at an International School in Costa Rica; she taught Third Grade and student taught in a Fourth-Fifth multi-age classroom.
She believes in fostering the whole child and that every student should be internationally-minded. She brings this into the classroom by incorporating real world activities, having open discussions, providing simulation activities, and fostering interdisciplinary skills. A student who encompasses this profile will have all the resources to be successful no matter where they live or what they do. She sets high expectations for all students, and helps each child reach his or her goal by building strong organizational skills and confidence.


Recent Posts

Ancient India Study Guide

I have pushed back the ancient India test once again.  The students have been collaborating and discussing the chapter for the last three weeks, but I want to make sure they know how to truly explain their answers.  This test will have more short answer questions and one essay question (with sentence starters) that will require some more in depth responses.  The students have reported to me that at first glance the study guide looked like it was going to be "hard," but once they had the opportunity to look it over, it really wasn't that bad because all of the questions are what has been discussed and worked through in class. Please help your child out by reviewing the study guide 10 minutes tonight and tomorrow.  Set a timer, and when ten minutes is up, let them stop.  Any questions that they could not answer, circle on the paper, and show them.  They know that this is a topic they should review further.