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People Love Us On Yelp Award 16

Math is the language of science. Art is the language of the soul.

This beautiful art piece was created by 5th grader Kyle and his mom Rayna. The beauty of art is it transcends languages, boundaries and cultures. Mathematics, arts and music remain universal languages communicated and shared all over the globe. If mathematics is the language closely related to science, then arts and music are the languages closely related to the soul. When inspiration strikes it is contagious. Math Specialist teacher Ms. Y shared hers with her students. Kyle shared it with his mom. Inspired, they created this charming art piece. Kyle and his mom are proud to share this art piece to our Hilldale family, so it can continue to inspire others. Arts and Mathematics inspire humans. Humans inspiring others. All thanks to the languages of science and the soul.

Here is what Ms. Y has to say about this inspiring project:
"William and his Dad also created one! I measured the windows in the upper lab and delivered the supplies and instructions. It was one of our end of year Pre-Algebra project choices: Stained Glass Math. They created the plan for it first on grid paper, studied the formulas for lines, found slopes, and the angles of triangles and quadrilaterals formed, then made it into the final Art piece for the school! 🌈"
You did it again Mathematics and Art! You struck inspiration on the unwitting folks here at Hilldale!