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Youthful. Astounding. Glamorous. Proud.

Sixth grader Mia exuded elegancepoiseconfidencecalmness and
aplomb as she performed the international language of dance to an
enraptured audience at the recent Youth America Grand Prix! The YAGP
is an international ballet competition open to students from ages 9-19
from North America to Argentina, Australia, Brazil, France, China,
Italy, Belgium, South Korea, Canada, Mexico and Paraguay. Did we
mention that the YAGP is open to students from North America, Europe,
Asia, Australia and South America? We just did!

Mia showed excellent poise for a rookie (!) at this prestigious event.
She performed two solos earning a 88.625 total score for classical
variation, and 89.625 for contemporary variation. Mia did not land any
awards but she wowed the judges and impressed her ballet teacher with
her splendid performance. Mia has nerves of steelgrace in her veins,
her Hilldale habits in her heart and a passion for the language of
ballet in her soul. Count us in as fans of your art, Mia!

Our very own Mia: dancing, pirouetting and performing sauté, jeté,
temps de poissonpas de chat, sissonne and (dare we say?) a grand jeté
over her challenges!