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Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials
"Hilldale School provides the nurturing yet academically challenging environment we seek for our children. The before and after school program is ideal for working parents, while the academics excel compared to what our public schools provide."

"We have been involved with the Hilldale School since 1994, when our first son was welcomed to an exciting Kindergarten class where learning was fun. Although he was shy, he felt safe and nurtured there, and was soon part of a diverse group of friends led by a caring and dynamic teacher. He could hardly wait to get to school each morning! He also loved the vibrant after school program, where he learned to swim, to make rockets, and so many other things. He graduated from the school with very strong academic skills, confidence in his own creativity, a sense of community awareness, and empathy for others. Since then, we have sent another child to Hilldale, and we are still convinced that it is one of the best small schools in the Bay Area. The academic program has continued to evolve and remains challenging, while classes in art, music and Spanish add important dimensions. Our child loves the after school program, which offers such a wide variety of workshops that it is not possible to be bored! "

"Classes at Hilldale are small enough for each child to be nurtured as an individual, yet there is a very strong feeling of community and connection here. The teachers and administrators are truly excellent. We feel that we are a part of a diverse group of families that care about the school and about each other. Come and join us!"

"We can't say enough good things about Hilldale School. Our son is a first-grader and attended Kindergarten at Hilldale, as well as the summer camp. When we go to school, it feels like coming home. We truly feel that the Hilldale community is a second family."

"The Hilldale School challenges the students with a rigorous academic curriculum, and our son is learning so much - far beyond the traditional first grade skills. The first grade curriculum involves lots of reading and writing, spelling and math, as well as social studies and science. The students in his class truly enjoy working hard and we know that, when school is in session, he is working -- and not being "babysat," as is the case in many other schools."

"Another wonderful aspect of Hilldale is that the student body is comprised of wonderful, kind, mannerly children. There are no bullies at Hilldale -- Any kind of threatening behavior just doesn't exist. Even though my son plays with older boys, I never worry that he will be pushed around. In fact, I've observed the older children nurturing the younger kids and teaching them -- much like a Montessori environment."

"We love the physical campus of Hilldale. The tiered playground allows for lots of different types of play. From the sandbox to the tennis court to the play structure to the blacktop area, there are hundreds of activities that children can do at recess. In the after school program, kids can go swimming in the heated pool, either for lessons or free-swim. This is just another bonus of Hilldale's extraordinary campus."

"We are just thrilled that we've discovered such a wonderful place for our child's early education. The Hilldale School is a very unique place and exceeds our expectations."

"My daughter has attended Hilldale for the past three years. She calls Hilldale her "family" because she truly enjoys going to school every day to be with her peers and her teachers. She has learned how to respect others and how to work hand in hand in taking care of children in the smaller grades. One thing I have always admired about Hilldale is how they teach kids in the upper grades to look after and care for the smaller ones. It teaches them leadership, respect, and responsibility. Hilldale is truly like a close knit family; everyone sticks together and lends a helping hand. Hilldale is a positive place for any child to grow and develop. I would highly recommend sending your child here!"

"We have had children at the Hilldale School for more than 9 years and have seen them grow and blossom into confident individuals who love learning. We really appreciate the warmth, responsiveness and excellent teaching skills of the staff. One of the best things at Hilldale remains the small class size. Our children have felt nurtured and supported in important ways in this environment."

"For both our children, Hilldale School has been a supportive environment during their learning and personal development stages. The school provides a safe and enriched setting which is crucial to their growing years. We have found our children to be inspired and often looking forward to their day as they prepared in the morning. They would rather spend longer hours after school than come home!"

"We really appreciate what Hilldale has done and is doing for our family. It is a wonderful school which offers both an exceptional academic program and a warm and friendly environment for our child. These past three years at Hilldale have been extremely valuable and beneficial for our son’s education as well as for his overall growth and development. He’s made wonderful friends, and he truly sees Hilldale as his family. In addition, we, as parents, are extremely happy with the educational program that he is being taught, since it greatly exceeds what is currently offered in California public schools. This school not only challenges our child academically while simultaneously making the learning process fun and enjoyable for him, but also teaches him how to be a good citizen and an active member of the community. We love Hilldale, its atmosphere, its environment, and those wonderful opportunities that it keeps creating for our children."

"We came from the Daly City public school system. First and foremost my child was not being challenged; secondly the class sizes were too large and my son was not only not being challenged but when he needed and required more one-on-one time with the teacher, the teacher was not available."

"Hilldale is an oasis in the world of too-busy teachers and parents on the go. We as a family have found a diverse community of friendship, family, and mentors at Hilldale. What school offers that? My son, who is a third grader, says Hilldale is a fun, nice place where you meet good friends and get a good education! Know any 3rd graders saying that?"

"I am a busy working mother, finding it difficult to drive my son to swimming lessons, soccer class, piano lessons, etc. At Hilldale, these extra-curricular activities are provided in the after school program! Yet, what I like most about Hilldale is that I am partnering with the teachers to raise my son! I can send the teachers e-mails about my concerns, I receive an immediate response, and together we brainstorm solutions!"

"As a mother of two, I had the opportunity to “test-run” the public schools on my first daughter. While she excelled throughout her studies, it became evident rather early that the public school system provides an adequate education, but lacks any kind of individual attention necessary to foster a real enthusiasm for learning. Having the opportunity to send my second daughter to a private school brought me to Hilldale School. Here I can be confident that my child is not only nourished with an outstanding academic curriculum, but also has a warm and compassionate social atmosphere. It is not difficult to tell whether or not she feels that same way; every day she jumps out of the car and runs to join her classmates to chant enthusiastically “Rising to the Challenge!” during roll call to begin an engaging day of learning and fun."

"Hilldale provides not only a top notch academic program, but also a close knit learning environment in which my daughter thrives. Hilldale is truly unique -- We feel lucky to be a part of this community!!"

“Of course we would like larger, more modern facilities. But it is really the quality of the teachers and their warmth and responsiveness that makes the Hilldale environment so appealing. The facilities are safe and adequate.”

“Hilldale provides a nurturing, peaceful environment for children to learn and grow. It is a unique and special school.”

“Hilldale School is an excellent school environment. Our child loved going to school and was continually excited to learn. The faculty made coming to school an experience on a daily basis to look forward to. Our entire family loves being a part of Hilldale.”

“Strong academics, especially in the areas of math and science, are very important to us. We are hoping that the Hilldale School will continue on this road of providing our kids with excellent and solid education.”

“What makes the difference is the dedication and attention of staff and teachers to the children and the learning process.”

“It’s more challenging, diverse, and it’s great having P.E., Music, Art, and Spanish from Kindergarten.”

“We appreciate the diversity at Hilldale. We find it to be a very maturing environment while providing a challenging, rich learning experience.”