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Staff Gift Ideas

Staff Gift Ideas
Our generous families often ask what our teachers would like to have as a gift so that they may best tailor presents for them. In order to make it easier on you, below is a list of teacher and staff personal preferences and dislikes. In no way do we want you to feel obligated to give a gift!  But for those of you who would like some gift ideas for easier shopping, please see below! We will do our best to keep this list updated. Thank you!
Ms. Sanchez (K) - Loves all foods: brownies, chocolate chip cookies, Doritos, popcorn, sugar cookies, and Z-bars, but dislikes all mint things!  Also enjoys the scents of cinnamon, coconut, pumpkin, and vanilla.  She collects hats, and enjoys dancing, Hip-Hop, drawing, going to the movies, hiking, ice skating, and writing.  Favorite music genres are Bachata, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Merengue, Rap, Rock, R&B, Salsa, and Soul.  Prefers Amazon gift cards and Disney, Gap, Nike, and Target stores.  Loves coffee, tea, water, books, massages, and plants!
Mrs. Powers (K Assistant Teacher) - Loves pasta, seafood, steak, chocolates, Starbucks, popcorn, and ice cream, but dislikes soft-centered chocolates.  Dislikes strong smelling scents, but likes the light smells of Peony flowers.  Enjoys gardening and collects orchids, inside/outside plants, flowers, and things for a garden or patio.  Enjoys music, books, and movies involving any kind of love/romantic story, real life, Disney, and animals.  Likes massages, mani-pedis, and VISA gift cards.
Ms. Choi (K After School Teacher) - Likes all fruits, dark chocolate, spicy food, tea, and nuts, but nothing too salty or too sweet.  Likes the scents of floral, fruit, mint, and lavender, but not the scents of Tiger Lily or anything too intense or too strong.  Collects succulent plants, jewelry, candles, essential oils, and hobbies are working with resin, succulent gardening, beading, paper craft, and polymer clay.  Loves soft music, scary movies, but not violent and bloody, and prefers Amazon gift cards.  Drinks coffee, tea, diet Coke, and likes plants, and other practical items.  Favorite colors are pastels, such as mint, blue, and pink.
Mrs. Burleson (1st) - Likes to work out, go to the beach, read, hike, and crochet!  Likes to drink coffee and white/red wine.  Likes plants.  Likes massages.  Does not like pork products or the smell of vanilla, but does like lemongrass.  Prefers gift cards from Amazon and Target.
Ms. Lee (1st) - Likes tea, white/red wine, Girl Scout Cookies (Thin Mint), peanut M&M's, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and spicy hot Cheetos.  Does not like raisins.  Likes the smell of lavender and peppermint.  Does not like the smell of licorice or vinegar.  She enjoys books and movies (Disney) as well as massages, mani-pedis, traveling, badminton, and trying out new restaurants.  She collects memories.
Mrs. Fong (1st After School Teacher) - Likes coffee, tea, dark chocolate, and popcorn.  Dislikes anything spicy/hot or sour.  Likes the scents of fruit/citrus, vanilla, and mint.  Dislikes the scents of patchouli or anything musky.  Enjoys cooking and baking.  Likes gift cards from Target, Amazon, Safeway or Lucky.
Ms. Nicholes (2nd) - Loves books, massage, mani-pedis, coffee, tea, red/white wine, Aunty Anne Pretzels, M&M's, fruit snacks, and any snack from Trader Joes (like Penguin Bellies!).  Likes the smell of the ocean and pine trees.  Enjoys scuba diving, reading, roller derby, working out, running, yoga, meditation, cooking, and collecting crystals.  Enjoys the music/movies: Vance Joy, K Flay, Rainbow Kitten Surprise.  Dislikes dried fruit in general, and it may seem strange being that she is a teacher, but she is allergic to apples!  She requests, "Please, no plants."  Also, she'll really enjoy gift cards from East West Bookstore, Therapy store, Target, Starbucks, and Michaels.
Ms. Manuel (2nd) - Likes brussels sprouts, Cheese-Its, In-N-Out Burgers, pasta, pizza, sushi, white cheddar popcorn, coffee, matcha, tea, and super spicy food!!!  Enjoys the smell of chocolate, lavender, maple syrup, and marshmallows.  Enjoys reading, baking, and painting.  Prefers receiving books or gift cards to Amazon, Bath and Body Works, Barnes and Noble, Forever 21, Ikea, In-N-Out, Starbucks, Target, and Trader Joe's.  She collects Peppa Pig stickers and candles.  Her hobbies are baking, gardening, hiking, knitting, and painting.  Her favorite music is Hannah Montana, The Jonas Brothers, and K-POP.  Allergic to pollen.
Ms. Carr (2nd Assistant Teacher) - Loves sandwiches, mac & cheese, and Annie's Chocolate Chip Bunny Grahams!  Also enjoys broccoli, chicken, French fries, pasta, peach ring candies, pickles, and salami.  She likes the color blue, the scent after it rains, the scent of bubble gum, the smell of Fall, and any music, except Country and Rap.  Favorite books are classic literature and murder mysteries, favorite movie is Spider-Man: Homecoming, and favorite TV shows are Law & Order: SVU, Reign, and the Ghost Whisperer.  She collects pens, loves penguins, loves Disney, and her hobbies are cross stitching and embroidery.  Allergic to all types of NUTS.  Likes Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ikea, Old Navy, and Target.  She drinks coffee/tea and enjoys mani-pedis.
Ms. Quan (3rd) - Loves bubble/Boba tea, coffee (Philz #1), fresh fruit, apple-filled pasties, and Japanese Kit-Kats.  Dislikes assorted chocolate truffles, anything with peanut butter, walnuts, macadamia nuts, pistachios, or pecans because she is allergic to nuts- specifically walnuts, macadamia nuts, pistachios, and pecans, also nickel and cats!  Enjoys plants, massages, Cafe-style Jazz or Bossa Nova, digital drawing, video games, and arts & crafts.  Favorite scents: fruity/citrus (especially grapefruit, blood orange, and berry), fresh (ocean), warm and spicy.  Least favorite scents: tobacco, and overly sweet florals.  Collects fancy tea cups, and hidden mickey Disney enamel pins.  She appreciates anything and everything!
Ms. Bertrand (4th) - Likes Sushi, black licorice, Funions, and veggies that go with hummus, but not meat.  Likes natural scents like lavender, but not store bought perfume like channel.  Collects comic books, D&D dice, and sketch books, and hobbies are art, music, hiking, dancing, and kayaking.  Favorite music and movies are Le Tigre, Florence and the Machine, Nina Simone, and then Mean Girls, Totoro, and Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Drinks coffee, tea, red wine, white wine, diet Coke, and Boba drinks.  Like movies, books, plants, and loves costume accessories and makeup.
Ms. Gori (5th) - Likes Palmettos acai bowls, sea weed (any flavor), popcorn, protein bars, honey mamas chocolate, smoothies, spicy anything, dried fruit or vegetables (no added sugar), but not anything too artificial and raspberries.  Her favorite scents are her parent's kitchen... otherwise (thinking about candles here) tobacco, vanilla, lavender, gardenia, rose, fresh flowers, but not anything too fruity or artificial smelling.  Collects coffee table books/accessories, and hobbies are hiking/nature activities, concerts, dinners with friends, cooking, yoga, reading, farmers markets, and live music!  Prefers Visa/Amazon gift cards, drinks coffee and tea, and likes books, massages, plants, Mani/Pedis, and concert tickets.
Mrs. Valladares (6-8th) - Loves chocolate covered gummy bears, BBQ chips, skinny popcorn, Have'a Corn Chips, Powerberries (Trader Joes), Indian and Mexican food.  Likes coffee and tea.  Dislikes anything with corn, soy, melon, or nuts, because she is allergic to soy, melon, nuts, and peanuts.  Likes the smell of jasmine, light florals, or fresh scents.  Dislikes vanilla or heavy scents.  Collects cool copies of Pride and Prejudice (favorite book) and cooking/baking tools because she likes to read, cook, and bake.  Music/Movie loves: Adele, One Republic, Pride & Prejudice, Persuasion, North & South.  Likes massages and mani-pedis. Likes gift cards to Starbucks, Amazon, Old Navy, and Target.
Mr. Dyson (6-8th) - Mr. Dyson likes books, music, and Philz Coffee, niche apple varieties, dried fruit, and beef jerky.  He’s not a fan of sweets (except for pecan pie).  He loves local bookstores like Bird and Becket or Dog Eared Books.  He enjoys going to movies when there is something good out.  He loves surfing and supporting shops like Aqua Surf Shop.  He is also a sucker for shoes, clothes, and accessories.
Mr. Yurman-Glaser (6-8th) - Loves music, amazon.com gift cards, coffee, tea, and other drinks.  Enjoys eating, playing guitar, books, plants, and movies.  Does not like tomatoes.
Mr. Smaw (6-8th After School Teacher) - Likes Trolli/gummy candy, the scent of vanilla, collects katanas and anime masks.  Hobbies are basketball, volleyball, watching anime, and skateboarding.  Favorite music are Rap, R&B, and Pop.  Prefers Visa and Target gift cards, and favorite stores are H&M, Footlocker, and Vans.  Drinks soda, boba milk tea, juice, and Ramune, and likes movies.

Mrs. Kleytman 
(Art - K-8th) - Likes banana bread and carrot cake, but not tofu!  Enjoys the scent of jasmine and lychee, but not skunks.  She collects art books and prefers gift cards from Amazon, Peet's, and Target.  She also enjoys coffee, tea, books, and plants.
Sr. Cohen (Spanish - 3-8th) - Likes spicy, vegetarian foods, nut butters, healthy trail mix, organic fruits, spicy dips, music, green tea, traveling, reading, dining out, movies, running, biking.  Does not like coffee.
Mrs. Castro (Music - K-8th & Spanish K-2nd) - coming soon!
Mr. Dela Cruz (PE - K-8th & Extended Care Manager) - Likes Auntie Anne's almond pretzels, movies, traveling, H&M, coffee, tea, and other drinks, along with the color black.
Mr. Lee (Office Manager) - Likes spicy foods, coffee, tea, juice, movies, books, and going out to eat.  Does not like ginger or parsley.  Collects Sci-Fi and enjoys working on models.  Enjoys gift cards to Target.
Mr. Willson (Admissions Director) -  Likes sweet and salty things like butter-toffee peanuts, yogurt pretzels, and caramel & cheese popcorn.  Loves white chocolate, but can't have too much sugar.  Enjoys playing video games and Dungeons & Dragons, and likes gift cards for restaurants, Nintendo, and Steam.  Does not eat spicy food or drink coffee.
Ms. Galvin (Vice Principal) - Likes French Fries, Chicken Nuggets, Cheese Pizza, crunchy, salty, plain flavored snacks.  Enjoys theatre, dance, SF Giants, Candy Crush, Broadway, and 90s music.  No scents please, but prefers iTunes, Target, Amazon, and Olive Garden gift cards.  Drinks coffee, white wine, diet Coke, and enjoys massages.
Ms. Clayton (Principal) - Likes coffee (vanilla lattes), books (fantasy, sci fi, memoirs, true crime(!), pedagogy), movies, music, musicals, yogurt pretzels, the scents: vanilla and cinnamon, the color blue.  Does not like scents that are too fruity, strong floral, patchouli, cigarette smoke!  Enjoys gift cards to Starbucks, Target, and Amazon.  Allergic to chocolate.
Mr. Marquez (Head of Information Technology) - Likes Starbucks cards, massages, movies, baklava, and Mediterranean food.
NEW (Head of Maintenance) - coming soon!
Mr. La Spina (Head of Maintenance) - Loves Italian food, and his favorite colors are blue and green!  His favorite snacks are chocolate cookies or biscotti & coffee, his favorite scents are cinnamon and citrus, and his favorite music is Scotch/Irish/Andean.  His favorite animals are birds and wild butterflies, his favorite book is Don Quixote, and he likes to watch nature/science documentaries.  He drinks coffee, scotch, and wine, and when he gets stressed out, he runs, but his hobby is to listen to music and relax.
Ms. Leonard (Therapist Consultant) - Likes Mexican, Thai, and Japanese foods, plants, flowers, cooking, gardening, Rock and 80's Alternative music, mani-pedis, books, movies, decaf coffee, and tea.  Enjoys gift cards to Starbucks, Peets, or Target.