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Parent Reference Contacts

Reference Contact Sheet – so you can get your answers the fastest!


The website is a great source of information about special events, calendar details, daily student schedules, uniform questions, Family Association events, and invaluable parent resources including the parent handbook. We encourage you to check out the resources here and let us know if we need to include anything further.

Please subscribe to the calendar on your phone by clicking on the word “Calendar” on the homepage of the website and then clicking on the subscribe button. We do our utmost to keep the website accurate; however, if you find a discrepancy, please email or call so that we can correct any confusion immediately. Thank you for your help!

If you cannot get your answer on the website, please see below for whom to contact with your specific question.

Mr. Willson (Admissions Director & Office Manager): keith.willson@hilldaleschool.org - tuition questions, financial questions, field trip finances and documentation, forms, student or parent information updates, and general admissions questions (tours, assessment dates, etc.).

Mr. Lee (Extended Care Director & On-Site Campus Supervisor):
garson.lee@hilldaleschool.org - any extended care information including program suggestions, fees, sign ups, workshops, student behavior during after school hours, absences, doctor's appointments, early pick up, tardies, hot lunch, website corrections or questions, lost & found questions, general questions.

Ms. Leonard (Vice Principal): 
nicole.leonard@hilldaleschool.org - student accommodations, parent resources, student support.

Ms. Yamanoha (Assistant Vice Principal): jennifer.yamanoha@hilldaleschool.org - student conduct.


Ms. Clayton (Principal): sasha.clayton@hilldaleschool.org - policy questions, follow up on student behavior, standardized tests, financial aid questions, curriculum questions, preparation for high school, specific admissions questions, facilities, etc.

firstname.lastname@hilldaleschool.org - day to day questions, homework, missing work, grades, student progress, etc.

Room Parents: classroom celebrations, general field trip questions, special events, etc. Room parents will be announced on or before Back to School Night yearly.