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School Policies » Student Conduct Agreement

Student Conduct Agreement

Hilldale School
Student Conduct Agreement
Kindergarten, Elementary, and Middle School 
A.    I understand that all students have a right to learn in a safe environment and will make every attempt to show personal responsibility in allowing myself and others to accomplish this.
1.    I will attend school regularly unless sick or specifically excused by the administration. If sick, I will stay home as needed in order to avoid exposing others to my sickness. My parents will provide a written or verbal excuse of my absence. When I return, I will complete all missed work within the same number of days as the absence (i.e. I missed 2 days of school, so I have 2 days to make up all the missing assignments).

2.    I will arrive and depart from school as authorized by my parents and/or guardian. Except for regular departures with my parents/guardians or other authorized individuals, I understand that in order to leave the campus I must provide school officials with a parent's written consent.
3.    I will be seated in my classroom with needed materials and be prepared to work promptly at my school's starting time. I will leave class only with permission.  I will make good use of class time for all academic work.

B.   I understand that relationships with others are the basis of trust and a necessity for a wholesome community. We are all citizens of the world and members of our school community. I will participate in creating a positive school environment by following the school policies and procedures.
1.   I will not threaten the health and safety of others. I will not fight, push, shove, kick, trip, hit, throw objects at, or bring objects that might harm other students or the staff. I understand that any such action may be cause for immediate suspension and/or termination of my enrollment.
2.   I will follow class rules which are set to create a quiet and orderly atmosphere.
3.   I will be respectful of school personnel, fellow students, and parents regardless of religious, national, ethnic, or social origin. I will value diversity. I will not ridicule, ostracize, or demean others. I will use appropriate word choices, body language, and tone of voice which are free of profanity, anger, or sarcasm.
4.   I will attempt to make responsible decisions, work together with others, resolve conflicts, and solve problems creatively.
5.   I will be honest with others and myself. I will do my own work. I will not copy from other students nor allow others to copy from me. I will not plagiarize or cheat in any way. I understand that cheating may be cause for suspension from school.
6.   I will respect the property rights of all. I will not take or in any way damage anything from another student, teacher, or the school which is not mine.

7.  I will not participate in imaginary weapon or violent play.
C.     I understand that my environment is important for the well-being of myself and others and that we all have an influence over our environment.
1.   I will not deface, vandalize, or in any way damage the property of fellow students, the staff, or the school. If I notice damage to school property, I will tell an adult.
2.   I will not at any time use, possess, sell, or encourage the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or weapons on school property. I understand that any such action will be cause for immediate suspension and/or termination of my enrollment.
3.   I will dispose of litter properly. I will help to keep my school grounds and classroom neat, so that we can all be proud of our school.
4.   I understand that chewing gum is not allowed on campus and that eating and snacking are limited to supervised Extended Care hours, lunch, snacks and parties.
5.   I will try to conserve school resources such as water, electricity, heat, and paper products and will look for ways to recycle.
6.   I will come to school clean and neat in appearance, with clean clothing and shoes. I will come with combed hair and be clean in other areas of personal hygiene. I will abide by the Hilldale Dress Code and wear the specified Hilldale uniform.
D.      I understand that Hilldale School's goals include academic excellence, critical thinking, high ethical conduct, environmental stewardship, world citizenship, and social responsibility. I will strive to make these characteristics and actions a part of my everyday life, because I understand that I have a large role in whether or not I become an educated person.
1.    I will complete all homework and class assignments in a timely manner and will strive to do them neatly and correctly.
2.    I will listen attentively to my teachers and will participate in class discussions and learning activities to the best of my ability.
3.    I will seek ways in which I can not simply meet, but exceed the minimum expectations. I will always strive for excellence.
4.    I will celebrate the achievements of myself and others.

5.    I will remember that learning comes from taking risks and making mistakes.