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Uniform Policy



In order to maintain a sense of school spirit, decorum, and discipline, all Hilldale students are expected to respect the school’s decisions regarding acceptable clothing and accessories worn during school hours. Parents are asked to support the standards so that exceptions do not occur. Students are expected to be in uniform each day except on “Free Dress” days. Parents may refer to the Uniform Requirements for specific information on the acceptable dress items. How the students dress will reflect on both the students and on the school.


All uniform items MUST be purchased from our supplier, Lands’ End, located at www.landsend.com. You may click the button on our website’s homepage for easier use.  Once at the website, choose the school uniform option and enter in Hilldale School or enter in our school ID: 900150855. Choose the gender and age of the student in order to view the specific uniform options. Please look for the Dress Code Guidelines listed in smaller print for each item. All students MUST purchase all uniform items from Lands’ Ends. If you are having financial difficulties in purchasing school uniforms from our supplier, you may contact the office for special assistance.


No other former uniform items or items from non-Lands’ End stores are allowed. Students who wear uniform items from another company or local store will be considered out of uniform.


All classes will conduct a dress inspection each morning. Students who are not satisfactorily dressed will be issued Uniform Infraction Notices via JupiterEd. If the infraction is minor, the students may remain in class. For major infractions, the child will be given clothes to change into, if possible, and then allowed to return to class. These clothes must be washed and returned. If these borrowed clothes are not returned, we will assume that you are buying them and send you a bill. Repeated or serious infractions of the dress code will result in the child being sent to the office until a parent can bring the appropriate clothing or pick up the student for the day. Parents will be notified of uniform infractions with each offense, and infractions will affect your child’s character education grade on his or her report card. The Vice Principal will be referred if three infractions are received.


Spare Clothes: All students in Kindergarten (and others on a case by case basis) should have a full set of spare clothes in their cubby for use in case of bathroom accidents or unintentional spills. If your child has an accident and needs to borrow clothes from Hilldale, clothing must be washed and returned. If these borrowed clothes are not returned, we will assume that you are buying them and send you a bill. Spare clothes do not have to be from Land’s End, but should be look-alikes to the regular uniform. This is the only exception to the rule.


“Full Dress” is required for picture day, special events, and whenever requested by the administration. 


For Full Dress, ALL STUDENTS must purchase a RED school uniform BOY’s Cotton Modal Fine Gauge V-Neck. This is a unisex sweater. Older versions of this sweater (Drifter) are no longer allowed.  


Full Dress Options

  • Top: Red V-neck sweater (not vest) with the Hilldale logo. White interlock polo shirt (short or long-sleeved), standard, tailored, or feminine fit. Navy blue girls’ Ponté Pleated Jumper. Girls' white, knit, peter pan polo shirt (short or long-sleeved).
  • Bottom: Navy blue, plain front chino pants. Navy blue “Girls’ Ponté Pleated Skirt at the Knee” (Grade 5-8 Only. Grades K-4 wear the jumper.)
  • Socks: White, Black, or Navy Blue socks or tights, above the ankle or to the knee in length. No leggings.
  • Shoes: Clean, plain-colored dress shoes or flats (black, brown, or navy blue). No heels.
  • Other: Dress belt (black or brown) if wearing pants (optional for K-1st unless a younger child can unbuckle and rebuckle).

Regular Uniform Day Options

  • Top: Short or long-sleeved, white or red interlock polo (standard, tailored, or feminine fit). Red fleece. Red cardigan. Red vest. Red, zip-up sweater. Short-sleeved, red polo dress. Navy blue ponté dress. Grades 6-8 may wear the Hilldale School official sweatshirt.
  • Bottom: Navy blue, flat front, chino shorts or pants; Ponté button front skort, pleated skirt below the knee. Active chino skort. Women’s Mid Rise Chino Crop Pants
  • Socks: White, Black, or Navy Blue tights or socks, above the ankle or to the knee in length. White, Black, or Navy blue leggings which are worn in conjunction with the jumper
  • Shoes: Casual shoes (white, black, brown, navy blue, or red) or minimally-striped sneakers. No fluorescent colors or laces.

PE 6-8th Only (optional): Kids Active Track Pants, Navy blue T-shirt with logo, Red T-shirt with logo 



Red Hilldale T-Shirts may be purchased and worn on “dirty” field trips and spirit days. One T-shirt will be provided by the Family Association for each new student. Additional sizes may be purchased by the parent on the website.


There are fleece and T-shirts available from Lands’ End for parents as well as students. While students are only able to choose the red fleece, adults are welcome to purchase the fleece in navy blue or red. The logo stitching is in white. A portion of the proceeds from all uniform purchases (fleece included) goes to the Hilldale School Family Association. 


Other dress rules include:

    1. All students must wear a complete uniform; The Hilldale V-neck sweater is to be worn on “Full Dress” days. Students may substitute other Hilldale sweater styles or the fleece when they feel the need for a sweater while indoors on non-full dress days. 
    2. In the classroom, only Hilldale sweaters and fleeces may be worn over the uniform. Outer garments are to be placed on coat hooks, in cubbies, or in lockers, and may be worn during P.E., recess, lunch time, or outside during after school as desired. These items may not be hung on chairs or worn in class. 
    3. Sweatshirts, sweat jackets, and hoodies of any kind are not allowed inside or outside of class. Hoods and hats may never be worn during school. Exceptions:                1) Middle schoolers only may wear the Hilldale School official sweatshirt on regular dress days.  2) All students may wear the Hilldale sweatshirt on free dress days.
    4. In order to maintain a neat appearance, shirts must be tucked in at all times except during P.E. or recess. If a student doesn’t tuck in his or her shirt on a recurring basis, he or she will receive a uniform infraction. Multiple infractions may be given in any one day.
  • See the calendar for scheduled “Full Dress” days. 
    1. Skirts and jumpers should be no shorter than 1" above mid-knee cap. Please check skirt lengths.
    2. It is recommended that students wear bike shorts or tights under skirts or jumpers for modesty and/or warmth. Tights must be white, black, or navy blue. Navy blue, white, or black leggings may be worn in cold months. These leggings (or socks, belts, tights) do not need to be purchased from Lands’ End, but are also available at Lands’ End. Otherwise, tights should be substituted.
    3. Pants are to be appropriately sized, worn from the waist, and purchased from Lands’ End. No alternate styles or brands are allowed. 
    4. Belts are optional except on “Full Dress” days. Kindergarten - First Graders may wear belts, but are not required to do so.
    5. Shirts must be buttoned (except the top button - optional) and tucked in at all times. The only item which may be worn under a shirt is a plain white undershirt or a plain white undergarment.
    6. Hilldale T-shirts may not be substituted for the polo unless specifically noted.
    7. Shoes must be in a clean, attractive condition, of a plain color (solid colors: black, brown, white, navy blue, or red), and must be suitable for running and play. For safety: flip-flops, sandals, dress boots, or shoes with high heels, platform heels, or open toes are not permitted. In inclement weather, students may wear rain or warm boots. In these cases, a change of shoes may be brought for the classroom. Minimal striping or colors are allowed on regular dress days. 
  • All clothing items are to be clean and have no obvious holes or large stains. 
    1. Jewelry may only be worn in very modest amounts. Small, modest stud earrings only; plain colored watches that do not beep or make noise, and non-visible necklaces worn because of religious beliefs are acceptable. Nose, eyebrow, lip, or tongue jewelry is not permitted. For safety, no dangling or hoop earrings. Smart watches are not permitted for students.
    2. Hair should be neatly combed or brushed, trimmed, and attractive in appearance, and it is suggested that long hair be pulled back (for safety). Unnatural coloring is not permitted. Hair must be neat. Rat-tails, facial hair, or shaved heads are not allowed. Long hair which covers a student’s eyes is not permitted.
    3. Hair ribbons must be modest in style, size, and color. Lands’ End sells uniform headbands (if desired). Otherwise, hair accessories may be red, navy blue, white, or black from any vendor.  
  • No perfumes, colognes, make-up, tattoos, or other writing on the skin are allowed.
  1. Hilldale provides weekly “Free Dress” Days on Wednesdays. On these days, uniforms are not required; however, clothing must be neat and practical for school. Crop tops, tank tops, or sleeveless shirts are not allowed. Clothing should not be immodest or have printing that is vulgar or refers to sex, violence, drugs, tobacco, or alcohol. Sweatpants and pajama pants may not be worn and sweatshirts are not allowed. For safety: flip-flops, sandals, or shoes with high heels, platform heels, or open toes are not permitted.
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