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Parent Resources » Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures K-8

Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures K-8

Drop off

  1. Parents will be required to complete the daily health screening online prior to arrival at drop off.
    1. If health screening is not complete, the parent will be sent away and must pull over to complete the screening, then get back into the drop off line.
  2. Parents will pull up to the drop off point and remain in their cars.
  3. On-Campus Supervisor will ensure that the student has a completed and clear health screening.
  4. The student will exit and get his/her temperature taken by the On-Campus Supervisor (touchless thermometer).
    1. If the student has a temperature of over 99.9 degrees, he/she will be returned to the car and sent home.
  5. For Kinder through Grade 5, two consistent parent volunteers will supervise the children from the car to the hand washing station whereupon the student will be monitored while washing hands for 20 seconds. Then the student will be monitored to enter the classroom. 
    1. Each parent will be stationed in one location to ensure both proper supervision and proper safety distancing.
  6. For Grades 6-8, the child will be driven by the parent and let out at the base of the driveway of the upper school. There the student will wash hands as supervised by a third parent volunteer and the child will enter the building.
  7. NO PARENT may exit the vehicle or pull into a driveway to park. Parents continue to the top of the hill to use the cul-de-sac.
  8. The Teacher or Teacher Assistant will be waiting for the child in the classroom.

Pick up

  1. Parent arrives at the designated spot at one of the 4 pick up times: 3:30 PM, 4:15 PM, 5:00 PM, 5:30 PM and gets into a queue. 
    1. Parents of Grades K - 5 pull up to the main gate. Do NOT exit vehicle. Staff member is present to notify teachers and teacher assistants to send out particular children.
    2. Parents of Grades 6 - 8 pull into the upper school driveway. Do NOT exit vehicle. Teacher Assistant looks out at driveway to determine which parents have arrived.
    3. All parents must have student name and grade sign on car mirrors.
  2. The office staff will walkie the Teacher or Teacher Assistant who will escort the child to the door.
    1. Kindergarteners through Fifth Graders will be supervised as they walk from the door to the car.
    2. Grades 6-8 will be sent out of the upper school building to enter their cars in the upper school driveway.

Additional Notes

  1. All staff members are assigned to the same group of children every day. Each cohort has one - two adults providing supervision from 8AM to 6PM. 
  2. Additional assistants will help supervise during lunch and recesses held outside.
  3. There will be between 3-6 administrators on campus on any day; students will meet them outside whenever possible. No students will be allowed into the main office. 
    1. During Phase 1, an administrator is assigned to each cohort to eliminate cross cohort interactions.
  4. A separate, outside, covered sick bay has been established.