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Parents' Corner » Super Readers wanted!

Super Readers wanted!

Want your child to become a Super Reader? Whether they're struggling to read or already doing well, Just Right Reader can accelerate their learning and help them thrive. Just Right Reader is "reading instruction in a box" for children Pre-K to 3rd grade that teaches them to learn to read and love it. When you sign up, you'll receive a personalized reading kit for your child, including monthly books tailored to their reading level and an awesome guide for parents. The program sends books to your doorstep that can usually only be found in schools. It's the perfect subscription gift for friends and family as well!

Check out their kits here: https://www.justrightreader.com/#subscriptions-1. PLUS, for every family that subscribes, Just Right Reader will donate $10 to Hilldale. Use the code HILLDALE at checkout. Let's continue to make Hilldale a school of Super Readers, and raise some funds at the same time!