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Parents' Corner » April Student Honorees!

April Student Honorees!

Congratulations to the following students who were chosen by their teachers as standout students who represent the virtue of the month!

Virtue of the Month Honorees - Acceptance. These students express the quality or fact of taking or approving or believing in the situation or themselves as it is or as they are. They try to express their content and positive attitude each day. Thank you for being role models for us all!
Well done, students!

Kindergarten A: Cassia
Kindergarten B: Jayden
First: Michelle
Second: Natasha
Third: Hunter, Katie, and Artyom
Fourth: Ephraim
Fifth: Karina
Sixth: Makai
Seventh: Violet
Eighth: Dasha

Class of the Month: Third, Sixth and Seventh Grades