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The Hilldale School Family Association (HSFA) is the parent organization for Hilldale School. The Family Association is comprised of all parents of students enrolled at Hilldale. The HSFA supports Hilldale by holding regular informational gatherings, which allow for parent dialogue and input, and by raising non-profit money for special school projects and fun events. Events include a Halloween Carnival, winter fundraising dinner, a Talent Show, teacher appreciation events, and Field Day. The Family Association sponsors field trips for all students annually.
The function of the HSFA is to provide support and enrichment for the students of Hilldale School. All funds are allocated in a manner consistent with this mission. HSFA is a non-profit organization. There are no dues, fees, or requirements of service; however, we would love to have your help in the way that feels best for you. The FA is a great way for parents to get involved at whatever level they feel comfortable, and it's an easy way to become a closer part of the school community! 

The organization is run by a president(s) and board members who are volunteers elected in the Spring and who serve for the following school year. This team of parents plans and directs the regular association meetings and the parent committees responsible for individual events, and they assist in the home/school communication link. Parents/guardians who are interested in being considered as board members may contact the present board members or the principal.

2018-2019 HSFA Board

Shannon Horton, President
Gabriella Makstman, Vice President
Payal Anand, Treasurer
Yuliya Magomedov, Donations Coordinator
Julianna Iosilevsky, Member at Large
Lyuba Shkolnik, Member at Large
Neha Taleja, Member at Large
Eric Wahl, Member at Large
Sasha Clayton, Principal
The HSFA is a nonprofit corporation organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, for purposes of enhancing and promoting educational programs for Hilldale School. The HSFA's Federal tax ID is 20-2559308. The HSFA qualifies for matching charitable contributions at many Bay Area companies.