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School Policies » Internet Conduct Policy

Internet Conduct Policy

The use of electronic resources is supported, provided that abuses do not occur. Access is a privilege that will be restricted if used inappropriately. The following rules are part of Hilldale’s Acceptable Internet Use Policy, which each student must sign and pledge to uphold at the beginning of the school year.
  1. I will attempt to keep all Hilldale School computer equipment and resources in good working condition. I will not degrade, disrupt, or waste the network equipment, software, or resources.
  2. I will only activate sites with my teacher’s permission. I will not attempt to gain access to restricted sites, servers, files, databases, etc. I will only use internet games which my teacher approves for educational purposes. 
  3. I will tell my teacher right away if I come across messages, information, or a website which makes me feel uncomfortable.
  4. I will NOT access personal email, engage in messaging, or access online chat rooms. 
  5. I will save all files to my school drive. I will not save to the desktop, on a flash drive, or to any other server. 
  6. I will ONLY USE my Hilldale account for school purposes.
  7. I will NEVER give out personal information, such as my name, home address, telephone number, my picture, or the name and location of my school without my teacher’s permission. I will also not disclose confidential information about others. Information posted on the internet is not private, and I understand that such information could be used in a harmful manner.
  8. During homework club, I will only use the internet and computer for homework, unless I have explicit permission from a teacher to do otherwise.
  9. I will always use good “netiquette.” This means that I will treat people online with respect and kindness, will use appropriate language, and will not reply to others who do not act in a like manner.
  10. Plagiarism is a crime. I will not plagiarize information from the internet. I understand that I may use such information but must rewrite it in my own words and thoughts.
  11. I will not download music or video files or any other files which are not directly related to a school assignment.
  12. I will not access or use services on the internet which impose fees or charges. 
  13. I will not share my password with anyone, and I will only use my own password for its intended purpose of viewing my own information.
  14. I understand that internet use is a privilege, not a right, and that inappropriate use will result in a first warning and parent notification and then in disciplinary action.